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Late Night Trot

by Ashley Noble
299 / 3.5k


Originally published on 28th December 2021

Rarity suffers from panic attacks from time to time. They leave her exhausted and stressed, and she never deals with them the same way. Tonight... She goes for a walk.

Written as a Christmas fic for Silver Mint, featuring her OTP and a prompt for something romantic and slice of lifey. It went a little darker, but nothing at all too serious. Enjoy!

Content Warning for panic attacks and anxiety being a theme.

"Snow night!" by Em Hull Photography and is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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Crack Fic Casey

It made a dull but somewhat loud [i]thunk[/i], splattering snow across it, and half the snowball ball remained stuck to the glass.

One of your italics is broken.

I really liked this, overall, especially the atmosphere!