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The Enchanted Computer: A RariTwi Exquisite Corpse

by SigmasonicX
270 / 11k


Following the events of The Enchanted Kingdom and the first 2-3 chapters of The Enchanted Carousel, Twilight, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie follow a lead to Princess Celestia's location. They find much more than they bargained for...

You should read all of The Enchanted Trilogy, starting with The Enchanted Library, through the first few chapters of The Enchanted Carousel before reading this.

Written with Monochromatic's permission.

An exquisite corpse is a form of collaborative art where each participant only knows about part of the whole work, and must complete their part with limited context. In this case, each writer only had access to the previous chapter, resulting in the story getting confused, yet still moving forward undeterred. The exception is me having full context when helping out the others.

Participating writers were me, The Red Parade, kits, Corejo, WilloIllo, No Crow, trAce, Nonchalant, and Undome Tinwe.

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