Somewhere Under the Rain

by R5h
113 / 5.3k


Five minutes ago, Vee's biggest worry was figuring out how to tell her friends from camp about being a basilisk.

Now Luz is back, and injured, and she's brought company. Vee doesn't know what's going on, or what they've been through, or why Luz looks so closed off.

But there's always a way to help. So Vee does her best.

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I really enjoyed your take on Vee’s personality, and the fact that her senses would be different than human/witch typical senses, with such a strong focus on smell. And even though she’s admitted she doesn’t like confrontation, her getting agitated and snapping at Hunter feels totally in character - there’s someone who is a potential threat in her house, possibly putting her loved ones in danger. It’s only fitting that since hiding isn’t an option, she’d confront the threat.

It’s also totally in character to back off when Willow tells you to Back. Off.

null but not void

This had solid writing, but the subject matter didn’t leave too much room for unique scenes; you’re kind of forced to cover the same area as other writers by setting this right at the end of season 2. Still, the characters were written well and it was nice to see Vee find her place in the family.