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Final Fantasy Aleph Null

by GMBlackjack
804 / 370k


Red airships of war march to battle. A ninja sees an opportunity for thievery. Pirates return to an ancient tower. A warship sails toward acquisition. An old man must hurry.

Everyone has their part to play, though none fully understand the significance of it. Great evil has awoken, and the threads of fate have begun to weave toward an unknown end.

This is but one of many Final Fantasies.

[[ Final Fantasy Aleph is a story Synthesized from the plots of most of the mainline Final Fantasy games. (II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, and XV feature prominently, I, III, XI, XIV not so much).

Updates every six days.

Character Bios can be found here:

Special thanks to major editors GanonFLCL, Shillic, and Guldringr

The vast majority of this story is already written, five discs and 150 chapters! Anyone who's interested in reading ahead can find public drafts on my discord server and if you're really interested at that point I can show you the current ending. At which point I will get delicious feedback I need on said ending. You could also ask for the drafts directly should you wish.]]

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