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Where the Truth Lies

by Torren
235 / 4.7k


The Andalite Bandits never stood a chance. They were unceremoniously strafed into oblivion a few months after their arrival. Lucky for humanity, a freak accident aboard the Pool Ship accomplished what the Andalites could not: a rapid—and very public—failure of the Yeerk invasion. World governments learned much when the Earth-bound, starving Yeerk stragglers began defecting en masse.

One year later, two teenagers are apprehended trespassing at the now-infamous Construction Site. They are thrown in the back of an unmarked van and taken to a heavily-defended military installation, somewhere out in the Dry Lands, for questioning.

(And because this wasn’t out-there enough for me yet, it’s presented as a stage play, because why not?)

Submitted for the winter 2021 Animorphs AU event, facilitated by Nitro Indigo

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Nitro Indigo

I only skim-read the cast list, so I assumed Jordan was Rachel’s sister until it turned out he was male.

Anyway, this was a pleasant surprise. I don’t think I’ve read a fic in proper script format before, and the twist in scene 7 was great.

(Also, are Blake and Ballard controllers or not?)