by MoonWeaver
73 / 16k


Gold morning was a horrible tragedy across various earths. It upended the lives of millions of people, and plenty of earths infrastructures were crippled by the event. Taylor Hebert became a monster in order to help everyone overcome it. She had burned fast and bright, and made enemies with every hero in the process. She was given an ultimatum after all was said and done. A choice. Life or death.

Taylor had chosen death. Or rather, she didn't deserve to choose life and couldn't bring herself to.

Why then, had she been given life? Her powers disabled, she was thrown into an unfamiliar earth with the return locked. Whatever the reason, it's up to her to decide what her new life is like as a civilian.

Can you ever really reconcile putting cape life behind you? Or will her instincts pull her back into the thick of it?

This story plans to be in the same vein as worm in terms of content warnings. Read at your own peril.

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