The Light Within Us

Be careful what you wish for; you might get exponentially more. Someone really should have warned Thorax what he was getting himself into by wanting friendship so badly.
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It was supposed to usher in a new era. To heal a nation that not a decade prior had torn itself to shreds. Instead, it punched a hole through the very fabric of reality. Try not to fall through the cracks.
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Rainbows After Rain

In a world where magic and ponies are a distant memory, a changeling and a kirin go on a journey to find out where they went.
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Once upon a time, Equestria flourished. This is far beyond that time.
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Final Fantasy Aleph Null

A story that attempts to synthesize together the worlds and plots of most of the mainline Final Fantasy games.
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Step by Step

A collection of short stories I wrote in an attempt to get back to writing.
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Wizard Space Program

Vaughan is a middle-aged wizard who is about to have a wonderfully terrible idea to go as high as he can. As he and his band of misfits will soon discover, having magic does not make the cold hard science of space travel any less dangerous.
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Proofs of Concepts

A compilation of unpolished snippets that I might flesh out into full fanfics one day, as well as polished snippets too short to be published on their own.
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Ranma 2 in 1

A queer and neurodivergent re-imagining of the original series
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What If...

A buncha stories based off of random "What if?" questions. Now officially seven years old on Fimfiction! 👁👄👁🎉
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Pony-Me™: Rebooted

What happens when you realize that your life is a simulation? Well, you put the headset back on.
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Edgelords, LLC.

Hold up, too many people have been isekai'd!
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Paradise Lost

And everything looked as through written in a story book.
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