Twilight Sparkle And The Martyr Of Zephyr Mountain

Armed with total faith in the power of friendship and harmony, Twilight Sparkle arrives in Cloudsdale to talk down a fringe movement of radical young Pegasi. It would be a lot easier if their leader hadn't been petrified for fifty years.
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History Repeats

The return of an ancient threat spurs ponykind to seek out an ancient ally... but is she still the heroine she once was?
1 / 0 51 / 59k /

Parts and Service

With the past finally buried, Gregory and Vanessa work on fixing the Pizzaplex's animatronics.
1 / 0 154 / 12k /

The Day After

The princess has been freed and the Pizzaplex liberated--now it's up to Gregory, Vanessa, and Freddy to pick up the pieces.
1 / 0 187 / 8.4k /

Immortal Solace

Cadence and Twilight share a moment late at night.
0 / 0 179 / 2.6k /

Pinkie Pie Eats an Arbitrary Number of Pancakes

Pinkie Pie has a plan and the only thing standing in her way is Twilight Sparkle.
1 / 0 160 / 3.7k /

Backstage Passes

by R5h
Three musicians walk into a bar.... A Little Witch Academia Musician AU.
0 / 0 401 / 13k /

Moonlit Comforts

Amidst the moonlit shadows of Applejack's bedroom, the tender love between Rarity and Applejack unfolds, weaving a cozy tale of shared blankets, playful banter, and the art of finding solace in each other's arms.
1 / 0 256 / 1.4k /


It was supposed to usher in a new era. To heal a nation that not a decade prior had torn itself to shreds. Instead, it punched a hole through the very fabric of reality. Try not to fall through the cracks.
1 / 0 363 / 4.3k /

Call for a Good Time

Charlie's playful calling a "good time" number turns his night on its head.
1 / 0 339 / 5.6k /

In Our Nature Or: How To Dump A Dead Body And Be SO Brave About It

Three days ago, Cozy Glow infiltrated Cloudsdale. On a completely unrelated note that is none of Tirek's business, Cozy has been awake for three nights straight.
1 / 0 323 / 9.6k /

Step by Step

A collection of short stories I wrote in an attempt to get back to writing.
2 / 0 445 / 13k /

Caught Jubi-live on TV

What should've been an ordinary Pokémon battle ended up shocking the world.
0 / 0 326 / 1.1k /


In a world where every Temtem has a different type, two scientists discuss advancements in Digital technology.
0 / 0 338 / 775 /

Roquelle Pellegnon, Mad Peer Reviewer

It's time for Madame Pellegnon to put the science in Mad Science, and teach a peer some lessons about reproducibility.
0 / 0 355 / 8.9k /

Dawn of the Star Warriors

Crossover between MLP and Mario
0 / 0 343 / 1.7k /

Princess Rarity's Statue

Rift Shield is concerned about that statue his fiancé, Rarity, put up of her and Twilight Sparkle. Inspired by Tears of the Kingdom.
2 / 0 322 / 1.6k /

Trixie and Fluttershy in Cavepony Times

Trixie and Fluttershy find themselves back in cavepony times and have to rescue Maud!
0 / 0 338 / 2.6k /

The Alchemist’s Potion

Tween Jamie is a big fan of alchemy, but he has a bully that won't get off his back. When an actual alchemist moves into town, he is strung into a plan that involves raiding their potion cabinet. He wanders upon a 'Gender Change' potion...
0 / 0 300 / 13k /

Fractures (pitch)

A chance encounter with an otherworldly experiment brings the very fabric of reality under threat.
0 / 0 438 / 1.3k /

Of Bullets and Belles

A notorious criminal, and ten men tasked to bring her to justice, walk into a bar.
1 / 0 246 / 2.1k /

For Your Consideration

Rarity explores the memories of her wife, Sunset. To relive all of the little moments that made their life together so special. And to say goodbye.
0 / 0 313 / 6.5k /

PONY Legacy

by Dash
Ten years after Celestia disappeared, Dash is accidentally transported to a strange world – and in her race to escape the System, she faces an enemy she never expected.
0 / 0 373 / 54k /

Holotape Achive Project #1

How a Vault Dweller came to live in the Appalachian hills.
0 / 0 319 / 1.1k /