Backstage Passes

by R5h
Three musicians walk into a bar.... A Little Witch Academia Musician AU.
0 / 0 307 / 13k /

Moonlit Comforts

Amidst the moonlit shadows of Applejack's bedroom, the tender love between Rarity and Applejack unfolds, weaving a cozy tale of shared blankets, playful banter, and the art of finding solace in each other's arms.
1 / 0 217 / 1.4k /

Princess Rarity's Statue

Rift Shield is concerned about that statue his fiancé, Rarity, put up of her and Twilight Sparkle. Inspired by Tears of the Kingdom.
2 / 0 299 / 1.6k /

Of Bullets and Belles

A notorious criminal, and ten men tasked to bring her to justice, walk into a bar.
1 / 0 229 / 2.1k /

For Your Consideration

Rarity explores the memories of her wife, Sunset. To relive all of the little moments that made their life together so special. And to say goodbye.
0 / 0 296 / 6.5k /

PONY Legacy

by Dash
Ten years after Celestia disappeared, Dash is accidentally transported to a strange world – and in her race to escape the System, she faces an enemy she never expected.
0 / 0 349 / 54k /

Compatability Testing

A traumatized psychic girl tries to escape containment after being exposed to a yuri manga. Her science team try to work out if they can organize teenage dating in controlled laboratory conditions.
6 / 0 627 / 21k /

Late Night Trot

Restless and panicked, Rarity goes for a walk through Ponyville...
1 / 0 307 / 3.5k /

A Quiet Place

Rainbow Dash wonders where Applejack was.
0 / 0 275 / 2.0k /

Something to Share

Luz shares an important place with Amity; memories both playful and painful. Amity learns from the past and mends something broken. It's the best date they've been on yet.
2 / 0 212 / 5.7k /

Waiting for You in the Sun, Whenever you Come

by R5h
Eda struggles to ask Raine the most important question of their lives. Post-canon TOH Raeda fic.
1 / 0 192 / 8.4k /

Call of the Mountain

Rainbow Dash loves her hometown of Griffonstone, but she knows it's in dire need of help. And just maybe, a mysterious call will help her figure out what to do about it.
3 / 0 226 / 38k /

The Enchanted Computer: A RariTwi Exquisite Corpse

Rarity and Twilight journey to free Princess Celestia from Discord's curse, and come across... a computer? And it gets stranger from there...
0 / 0 228 / 11k /
In the calm before the storm, two newts work out their feelings.
0 / 0 165 / 1.5k /

The One With the Box

Luz and Amity reflect on their first night spent together.
1 / 0 232 / 1.4k /

The Many Faces of Trixie Lulamoon

Trixie Lulamoon is non-binary, but has yet to come out about it publicly. One magic show has the potential to change all that...
0 / 0 186 / 2.7k /

The Normal One

by R5h
Lotte becomes popular. It goes badly.
2 / 0 171 / 9.1k /

The Odd One Out

Even after confronting Belos, Hunter knows he doesn't really belong with the others.
1 / 0 283 / 6.8k /

Short, Sweet, and to the Ponk

Who needs a high society party when you have a nice warm baker waiting at home?
1 / 0 174 / 3.3k /


If Thunder wants his skate park back, he'll need to help a schoolyard bully find balance of her own. Falling off a skateboard hurts, but helping someone you hate hurts even more.
0 / 0 165 / 4.9k /

Fragments of You

When Luz Noceda was eight years old, she made an imaginary friend. When Amity Blight was eight years old, she made an imaginary friend.
1 / 0 229 / 8.8k /

War With Myself

As Snapdragon continues to struggle with his gender identity, a duel with Rosemary may just be the help he needs to get his head on straight.
1 / 0 242 / 3.5k /

The Ghastly Library: Pinkie Pie's Terrifying Tales

Pinkie tells a scary story set in The Enchanted Library. Shame her audience doesn't know what an Enchanted Library is.
0 / 0 331 / 16k /

Reunion: A RariTwi Exquisite Corpse

Rarity and Twilight decide to stay at a haunted mansion for the night. What could go wrong?
0 / 1 277 / 6.5k /